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Musafia Cremona Italy

S P E C I A L L Y - M A D E   C A S E S



Some of these cases can be reproduced today, but others were made with material which for one reason or another is no longer available.

Sarah Ash Case, 2014.

This Aeternum Aureum in suede leather has the latter in two colors in order to offer a triple-brown effect: dark brown for the silk velvet padding, light brown for the accessory box lids, and beige for the main surface and some details.



Isabelle Barbe Case, 2013.

This client sourced herself the "blu ciel" (sky blue) crushed silk velvet we used to make her dream case. The rest of the lining is beige suede leather and beige silk satin, for a truly one-of-a-kind look.



Jecklin Aeternum Case, 2013.

In something of an unprecedented move, this stylish all-black Aeternum commissioned by dealers Jecklin & Co. (Zurich, Switzerland) was granted to them in exclusive. Anyone wishing to commission a similar case should contact Jecklin & Co. directly at +41 44 253 7630.



Marlise Gerber Case, 2012.

Green silk velvet padding was used for contrast in this beige suede-leather lined Aeternum Aureum, for a unique and very tasteful effect. This case is now in Switzerland.   



Exercise of Style 2011.

This particular case is one of the last prototypes that led to the birth of the definitive Aeternum Series 4. Note the distinguishing louver effect in the scroll area, achieved through the use of superimposed wedge-section slats.



Eva Hoegel Case, 2010.

This professional violinist requested what is essentially an Aeternum with the Luxury Ultralight color scheme, with the addition of French-fit padding. Numerous safety options complete the picture. The case is now in Germany.



Julien Eberhardt Case, 2009.

This noted French violinist requested an Aeternum with many Enigma elements, done however in the low-key all-black color scheme. A particularly elegant case, which has inspired others to order exactly the same.



Jayeon Hong Case, 2008.

This custom-built Aeternum has many styling cues from the Master Series such as the French-fit lateral padding and the Gothic arch design of the scroll area. The end result is elegant and protective, yet modern and dynamic at the same time - exactly what Mr. Hong had in mind.



Paul-Anthony Magadia Case, 2008.

This distinguished musician had very clear ideas about how he wanted his dream case. Based upon the Aeternum design, he requested that features typical of the Enigma Aureum, including the French-fit padding and multiple accessory compartments, be integrated into his Aeternum. Soft leather and silk velvet create a particularly graceful ambiance in this unque case.



Opus IX Case, 2008.

The striking interior of this case, personally hand-built by Mr. Musafia, has a distinctive regimental-style diagonal inlay, the orientation of which was calculated with the use of phi, or the Golden Ratio, and is lined in grey silk velvet, Royale, and satin. The Opus series is a line of cases, each one completely different, which best represents Mr. Musafia's creativity. This case is now in Spain.



Nina Popotnig Case, 2007.

This Aeternum case was ordered with the interior completely lined in Mojave beige SuperSilk high-silk content velvet. In the interest of aesthetic simplicity, the wood trim was relinquished, but waterproofing and Tropicalization were added for enhanced instrument safety. Case is now in Austria.  




Ray Chen Case, 2007.

Mr. Chen knew what he wanted, in terms of style and instrument protection. The details were worked out via e-mail over a period of several weeks, and Mr. Musafia is convinced that the resulting case is one of his best works ever. Although the case is based upon the Aeternum model, indeed if one looks carefully it becomes apparent that almost every element was changed. Note additional accessory box and added instrument protection at far end.



Exercise of style, 2007.

This Aeternum case uses Pierre Cardin silk satin for the padding surrounding the instrument, creating a very novel effect. In 2010 it was re-sold for 20% more than the original purchase price. 



Opus II Case, 2007.

This Opus case, based on the 2006 Exercise of Style Aeternum, it develops the theme further, with an extra accessory box and exclusive lining materials. As all Opus cases, it bears the special inscription: Ad universi terrarum orbis summi Δ gloriam, faciebat in Cremona anno MMVII. This case is now in Spain. 



Exercise of style, 2007.

Mr. Musafia used the Enigma silk velvet to line the padding for a striking variation on the Aeternum theme, basically reversing the color scheme of the Enigma case. This example, which was shown in The Strad magazine, is now in the U.S.A.. 



Ida Kavafian Case, 2003.

Well-known New York instrumentalist Ida Kavafian ordered her Aeternum made to very precise specifications. She sent us all the materials for the interior lining, down to the rope decoration and the satin for the violin blanket. Many qualifying options such as Tropicalization and WeatherGuard were requested. The end result is quite unique, to the point of earning a mention in "Strings" magazine.  



Maxine Kwok Case No. 1, 2002.

The Maxine Kwok Case is lined in a splendid Chinese silk brocade ordered by the customer in Hong Kong, with ivory Royale padding. This unique case unites baroque with the modernity of the Aeternum. 






The artisan attention and care of the Musafia workshop is your guarantee that you will receive not only helpful, personalized service in the creation of your dream case, but also the long-term satisfaction that only your ideas and Musafia quality can provide.




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