D      I     M     I     T     R      I        Δ       M     U     S     A     F     I     A

master violin and viola case maker

Δ          Δ          Δ


Musafia Cremona Italy

M  O  M  E  N  T  U  M


M  O  M  E  N  T  U  M   Z



MOMENTUM INTERIOR (suede-like Royale):  

Olive     Ivory   -   Pacific blue   -   London fog grey   -   Burgundy


MOMENTUM Z INTERIOR (colorful high-fashion fabrics): 

Version 6  -  Version 7  -  Version 8  -   Version 20  -    Version 21  -   Version 22

New!    Version 23-   Version 24-   Version 25-   Version 26-   Version 27-   Version 28




See cover colors here


Please note that while great care has been taken to portray the colors as accurately as possible, colors may appear differently on different computer screens, and tend to vary slightly with each new supply.  Cases pictured are for color reference only. They may have options available at extra cost, or may not have all the latest characteristics and features.


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