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Musafia Cremona Italy

S P E C I A L L Y - M A D E   C A S E S



Some of these cases can be reproduced today, but others were made with material which for one reason or another is no longer available.     

David Chan Case, 2020

Well, where to start? This custom Enigma has gracefully curved internal partitions that are lacquered black instead of lined with cloth, custom Chinese silk brocade, full LED illumination, a leather cover, and true style. Note the baroque bow adapter in the lid. The tabs sticking up are for the Velcro attached blanket (not shown).



Lydia Leong Case, 2017

Our client liked the Enigma but wanted something personalized more to her taste, less classic and more dynamic. Starting from Mr. Musafia's original design she opted for the materials of one of the Luxury Ultralight Athena series, eliminated the wood trim and color-coordinated some of the other items (bow ribbons, bow tip cushions, etc.) to create a new effect. The end result is a visual tribute to what happens when two strong personalities work together. 



Lorraine Crozier Case no. 2, 2016

After extensive color study, Mr. Musafia mated the Chinese silk brocade supplied by the client, with dark brown silk velvet and beige suede leather in this stunning Enigma Aureum case. The Terra brown exterior is a perfect complement to the various shades of brown within the case. Note the upper baroque bow position. 



Exercise of Style, 2015

Black silk velvet and the psychedelic silk satin of one of Italy's most iconic designers has this Enigma Leggero make a statement. It was replicated in different color combinations based on blue and orange. 



Christophe Quatremer Case, 2014

M. Quatremer ordered a 5011L Enigma Leggero to his precise specifications, which included, among various options, an interior lining in grey Royale and Champagne beige satin. This case was featured on both his and our Facebook pages. 



Atelier Paganini Case, 2013

Our dynamic dealers in Prague ordered an Enigma to be made in red, without specifying much else. Being that red is not usually offered as an interior color choice for this model, Mr. Musafia sourced the silk satin you see in the photo and mated it to our Cardinal Red silk velvet for a fresh, distinctive look.



McKay-Lodge Case, 2013

A lengthy and detailed correspondence over several months resulted in this one-off Enigma, characterized by a unique color scheme and extensive use of satin. This case is now in the U.S.A.



Exercise of Style no. 45, 2011

Using the Enigma Series 2 as a starting point, with this case Mr. Musafia adds a contrasting color - blue - to an otherwise brown-and-beige color scheme with suede leather lining. A second case was also made, using green as the contrasting color. Tiny Swarovski crystals placed with discretion add to the overall preciousness of this case.  



Exercise of Style no. 41, 2011

This Enigma Series 2 is lined entirely in medium brown suede leather, and, for the first time, with champagne beige satin for the padding instead of velvet or other materials. Swarovski crystals featured in this case as well.



Liu Zhongwei Case, 2011

This Enigma viola case was commissioned by Beijing dealer Liu Zhongwei on behalf of a distinguished client in China. His only specifications were "red color", so Mr. Musafia used Cardinal red silk velvet and precious Pierre Cardin silk satin for this stunning creation.



Juerg Daehler Case, 2011

Swiss instrumentalist Juerg Daehler commissioned this Enigma case for viola built within the Ultralight case shell for minimum bulk and weight. Non-descript on the outside, inside numerous safety features are included.



Jason Bell Case, 2010

Commissioned through Rafael Carrabba Violins in Seattle, this case is one of the first customized Series 2 Enigmas made. It has suede leather covering the hard surfaces and LED lighting in the accessory boxes as well as in the lid. Note the accessory box lid beneath the neck and its special design (see here). 



Krissy Jackson Case, 2010

This is one of the most complex Enigma cases ever made. Ms. Jackson commissioned every detail of this work, which is a hybrid between an Enigma Series I and the extremely limited-production Zhongguo Collection, complete with Chinese brocade and lacquered wood. As if that weren't enough, additional LED lighting was fitted (see here). This case is now in New Zealand.



Matthew Means Case, 2009.

GoStrings.com handled the commissioning of this special Enigma (Series 1) case, which is faced with black leather on the hard surfaces. The color combination, entirely decided upon by the customer, is very effective and not surprisingly has generated much interest.



Brook Taube Case, 2007.

The squaring of a circle: that's a good way to define Mr. Taube's request. This customer wanted the elegance of the leather-lined Enigma Aureum with the comparatively light weight of the Enigma Leggero, but with waterproofing, Tropicalization, and the special touch offered of suede-like frame covering. 



Ivo Stankov Case no. 1, 2007.

U.K. violinist Mr. Ivo Stankov ordered two Enigma cases, however each one on a different and unique color scheme. This all-black version is exceptional in it's class and simplicity and has been ordered by other customers..



Ivo Stankov Case no. 2, 2007.

The second Enigma case Mr. Stankov ordered was again in the name of simplicity, but this time on a green color theme.


The artisan attention and care of the Musafia workshop is your guarantee that you will receive not only helpful, personalized service in the creation of your dream case, but also the long-term satisfaction that only your ideas and Musafia quality can provide.




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