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Musafia Cremona Italy

S P E C I A L L Y - M A D E   C A S E S

    L U X U R Y   M O D E L 


Some of these cases can be reproduced today, but others were made with material which for one reason or another is no longer available.


Exercise of style No. 1/ 2021

Based upon the latest Luxury Classic design, this case includes a French-fit padding around the instrument, and the use of Enigma print velvet. The large open space around the scroll of the violin allows placement of both the shoulder rest (via a Velcro restraint) and string packets (thanks to an elastic strip), freeing space in the accessory compartment.



King Rama IX of Thailand Case, 2018 (replica).

Established Cremona maker Stefano Trabucchi commissioned the original case for King Rama IX a few years before to complement a violin of his to be delivered to the monarch. By popular demand, this case has been replicated and is indeed a unique equilibrium of style, light weight (2.3 kg.), protection and minimum bulk.



Maxine Kwok-Adams Case no. 3, 2014.

One of the most singular cases we ever made, this Luxury Classic was created for the noted L.S.O. violinist with a lining depicting... shoes, by none other than the famed footwear designer Manolo Blahnik himself.



Violins of Hope Case, 2014

Upon request of luthier Amnon Weinsten, creator and driving force behind the Violins of Hope project, three double cases were made (one in grey, one in blue, and one in green) to be presented during a televised ceremony in Rome of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jan. 27 2014. Each case contains elements symbolyzing those who lost their lives at Auschwitz.   



Exercise of Style no. 66, 2013.

In late 2013, first experimentation was done creating the lightweight, compact dart-shaped Luxury model cases using the colorful and precious silks and satins of the Momentum Z collection. Weighing only 2,3 kg. (5 lbs) there are no similar cases being produced today which combine portability with elegance, protection, and peace of mind.



Ronald De Jongh Case, 2013.

What looks like a normal viola case belies the fact that, as the instrument was quite small, we were able to fit it inside a modified VIOLIN case shell, reducing weight and bulk accordingly. This project was strongly advocated by Mr. De Jongh, violin maker based in Amsterdam, and friend of Mr. Musafia for close to thirty years.



Miguel Pérez-Espejo Case, 2011.

Mr. Pérez-Espejo commissioned this specially-built double case to his precise specifications. SuperSilk high silk content velvet in contrasting Mojave beige and Chianti red make a striking and very original combination.



Exercise of Style, 2010.

Mr. Musafia used ivory Royale and contrasting charcoal crushed silk velvet for this one-off dart-shaped Luxury Model.



Maaike-Merel van Baarzel Case, 2009.

This distinguished Dutch concert violist requested a custom interior featuring fuscia and black lining. She supplied her own fuscia satin and a digital image of how it was to be used; Mr. Musafia and his assistants took care of the rest. The result is striking yet well-balanced. 



Johanna Honkanen Case for Viola d'Amore, 2009.

Ms. Honkanen had this beautiful material sent to the workshop directly from the U.K. in order to build this case for viola d'amore. The sculpted head of the viola meant that it was necessary to make the case 5cm longer than usual - no problem.



Hiroshi Iizuka Case, 2008.

This case is actually just one of many that Mr. Musafia has created for Hiroshi Iizuka, the well-respected maker of special violas, such as the viola d'amore. Not only is the interior specially-contoured to meet the particular shape of this instrument, but the satin lining combined with the dart-shape format make this case very light.   



Amber Archibald Case, 2008.

This striking dart-shaped viola case was made using some material supplied by Ms. Archibald herself. Special touches include cherrywood burl trim.




Exercise of style, 2007.

Mr. Musafia used the Enigma silk velvet to line the padding for a striking variation on the Luxury Classic theme. Two cases were made, one in the green fantasia (pictured) and the other in the blue fantasia. 



Dylana Jenson Case, 2003.

Again purple; in Europe this color is viewed as a color that brings bad luck to performing artists, but apparently not so in the U.S.. The Luxury Dart-Shape case pictured unites this particular color choice with the advantages presented by the compact dart shape configuration. Case includes Tropicalization and WeatherGuard.



Marisa Sorajja Case, 2003.

This tiger print satin certainly gives an exotic touch to another Luxury Dart-Shape case, well-reflecting the personality of the owner! Padding is of Valentino black velvet. Case is now in California, and after having enjoyed considerable use, was restored and upgraded in 2008.



Michelle Brians Case, 2003.

Mr. Musafia has never been a fan of floral print fabric, but when Ms. Brians sent this material to make a Luxury double violin case, he couldn't say no. The final result is indeed quite pleasing. Note the added bow holder in the lid: it's for baroque bows, which are shorter than normal.



Gil Sharon Case, 2002.

Famed Dutch violinist Gil Sharon of the Amati Ensemble ordered this special double case. Aside from the custom velvet lining, if you look carefully you will note that this double case has room for the shoulder rests, not usually possible in double cases. (This was the first Musafia double case with this feature)



The artisan attention and care of the Musafia workshop is your guarantee that you will receive not only helpful, personalized service in the creation of your dream case, but also the long-term satisfaction that only your ideas and Musafia quality can provide.




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