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A better mousetrap?



Dear Musicians,

The ubiquitous bow spinner in a violin case would seem to be a component that’s hard to improve upon. And yet, after studying internet discussion forums for complaints about ordinary bow spinners, that’s exactly what I have tried to do with the new DIMUS bow holder and it’s original, innovative design.

A violinist’s first worry with the classic bow spinner is that it can twist inadvertently, releasing the bow and allowing the frog to fall onto the violin. This normally happens when the central screw  holding the spinner loosens. I already resolved this issue in 1994 with my previous (and widely copied) spring-loaded design, which has detents that keep the spinner from turning unwantedly. The new design does away with the detents – which tend to wear with time – and uses a double-curve spinner seat that serves the same function but works much more smoothly and is less subject to wear.

Another common complaint about traditional bow spinners is that they can catch the bow hair, breaking the strands. With the new design, this is minimized by the spinner having an oval cross-section granted by a new injection molding process, so there is no sharp edge to catch the hair.

The new DIMUS bow spinner, which was completely computer-designed, has an ergonomic “S” shape for handy two-finger operation and is designed to tilt under pressure, dissipating energy in case of impact and thus offering a distinct advantage in terms of bow safety. All the screws are recessed to provide further security against scratches.

The DIMUS bow holder is now standard on all new Musafia cases shipped after October 25, and in keeping with Musafia policy, it can be retrofitted to all older Musafia cases as well. Patent pending.

Thank you for your attention, and feel free to comment!          

Dimitri Musafia, October 10, 2010



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