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master violin and viola case maker


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What kind of Musafia case do you own?


All cases by Dimitri Musafia are special, but some are particularly rare or significant, and are especially interesting for collectors. Some reflect Mr. Musafia's earlier works, while others are limited-edition or even unique, one-off examples. To assist the owners of these cases to know and appreciate what they have, a registry has been created with the purpose of locating and classifying all of Mr. Musafia's works.

If you own an older Musafia case and would like to know more about it, please contact us via e-mail with a few photos. We will be happy to give you what information we have about your case when it was new. For a small fee we can also provide a written certification for your case, including information such as year of construction, number of examples built, and an estimate of it's current value.

Here is a gallery of just a very few of Mr. Musafia's earlier works, including information such as years produced, total made, price when new and estimated value today for an example in perfect conditon (based upon sales records).


The "Tipo A" violin case was Mr. Musafia's first case design produced in series. Hybrid wood laminate - PVC honeycomb profile construction with steel rod connectors. Almost all were sold on the Italian market.

Years built:                     1983-1984

Total examples made:      circa 130

Price when new:               $ 180

Value today (est.):            $ 400




An example of the "Tipo B" violin case, the first Musafia case with an arched top. Fiberglass construction with ashwood and Coremat reinforcement. Some examples in carbon fiber and Kevlar. This model introduced the classic Musafia look, with rope cording, diamond-quilting of the bottom panel, burlwood trim.

Years built:                     1984-1985

Total examples made:      circa 120

Price when new:               $ 200

Value today (est.):            $ 300




In 1997 Mr. Musafia introduced the "Portfolio" series, a line of different limited-edition cases made with designer print silks and satins. The version pictured, "Liberty", was particularly successful, and a viola example is owned by the Emperor of Japan. 

Years built:                     1997-2001

Total examples made:      45 (Liberty version)

Price when new:               $ 614

Value today (est.):            $ 800-1,000




This particular case, lined in Christian Dior silk satin with black silk velvet padding, is extremely rare in that only one is known to exist. 

Years built:                     2001

Total examples made:      2 (one destroyed in accident)

Price when new:               $ 614

Value today (est.):            $ 1,000-1,200




Prior to the introduction of the Enigma case, Mr. Musafia built a series of Master Series cases with a specially-made unique multicolor print silk velvet. In different color schemes, these cases were built principally for rare instrument dealers René Morel in New York and Renata Koeckert in Munich, Germany. One such case was owned by Isaac Stern. 

Years built:                     1997-2002

Total examples made:      56

Price when new:               $ 860

Value today (est.):            $ 1,200-1,300




Another distinctive case from the "Portfolio" series was the "Benvenuto Cellini" model, lined in Pierre Cardin silk satin with silk velvet padding. 

Years built:                     1997-2002

Total examples made:      30

Price when new:               $ 860

Value today (est.):            $ 1,200-1,300


This page illustrates only an extremely small selection of the special edition cases that Mr. Musafia has made over the years. Should you own a Musafia case and are interested in having it restored or sold, or appraised for insurance purposes, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.




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