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master violin and viola case maker

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Musafia Cremona Italy

* New *  S U P E R L E G G E R O   Series 4

Lightweight, practical, and well-appointed while being understated.


Now with NEW innovative and unique hybrid Kevlar/ wood laminate shell - a Musafia exclusive feature. Click on the logo below for more information.







The SUPERLEGGERO is an extremely functional and elegant case line that offers artisan quality and care at the price of many industrially-made cases. First introduced in 1986, the SUPERLEGGERO has been perfected over the decades to combine the classic design, safety and quality of the more expensive Musafia cases for those who prefer a tasteful but not ostentatious case.

Completely redesigned for 2021, the SUPERLEGGERO series 4 increases both practicality and instrument safety. The large open area, with an elastic to hold string packets, allows also placement of the shoulder rest, freeing room inside the accessory compartment. The violin moved to the center of the case allows it to be better protected from bumps coming from all directions, while there are now two load-bearing transverse structural partitions for vastly increased sideways crush resistance.

There are two versions available: you can choose between SUPERLEGGERO ROYALE which has the interior lining in suede-like Royale, and SUPERLEGGERO CLASSIC which has a lining of 100% cotton English velvet, reminiscent of the legendary W.E. Hill and M.A. Gordge cases.

Available in oblong and dart shape formats, for the violin and for the viola. The oblong design offers ample space for accessories (up to 1,350 cm3 for the oblong violin model), while the compact, lightweight dart-shape case has a provision to fit most shoulder rests in addition to a smaller accessory compartment.


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Centered instrument placement with strategic foam impact absorbing structures to protect it from impact in all directions. Closed accessory box(es) for mutes, tuning fork, etc.; dart-shape models have area for shoulder rest (with Velcro - replaceable). 



2012R Superleggero Royale violin case

The oblong 2012R Superleggero Royale is the classic entry-level Musafia. Safety, quality, and function in a discreet package, with a suede-like interior lining. CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS  (details are subject to change without prior notice)

The oblong 2012C Superleggero Classic is the same as the Superleggero Royale, the only difference being the interior lining in 100% cotton fine English velvet. As a result, this case model is reminiscent of the Golden Age of English violin case making, such as W.E. Hill & Sons.
          The tiny SV2011R Superleggero Royale Versatus is the solution to all airplane problems! Only 65cm long (instead of 80cm for our normal dart cases), this case is perfect for air travel. Your bow will not fit (UPDATE: baroque bows up to 60.5cm can be made to fit upon request!), but you can put it in a separate bow case which flight attendants won't notice. Case includes an accessory compartment beneath the neck and also a music pouch. CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS  (details are subject to change without prior notice)
S2011R Superleggero Royale dart-shaped violin case


The dart-shaped S2011R Superleggero Royale brings Musafia quality to the compact dart design at a price comparable to many industrially-made cases. Also available for the viola (S2021R). CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS  (details are subject to change without prior notice)

2021R Superleggero Royale viola case  

The oblong 2021R Superleggero Royale is the viola version of the 2012R. Each is made to measure expressly for your viola. CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS  (details are subject to change without prior notice)



Lined in soft suede-like Royale.

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In his continuous quest for perfection, Mr. Musafia reserves the right to change, modify, and improve any features and characteristics of these cases without prior notice.

"Musafia", "Musafia Cremona Italy", and "SATRAVI" are registered trademarks protected by law.



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