D      I     M     I     T     R      I        Δ       M     U     S     A     F     I     A

master violin and viola case maker


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Unsolicited testimonials and press reviews



"Dimitri Musafia is the Stradivari of violin case makers." (Gianfranco Berneri, Chairman of the Cremona City Council for the Arts, 2009)

Press conference organized by the Cremona City Council for the Arts presenting two new Musafia cases for the Civic Collection, donated by AXA-Art, the multinational art insurance firm. Present were Prof. Andrea Mosconi, curator of the Civic Collection (left) and Mr. Musafia (center left); in the center is Prof. Gianfranco Berneri, Chairman of the council and on the right are AXA-Art executives.  (Photo courtesy of AXA-Art)



"The best in the business." (E-Cremona.it webzine)

"Musafia Violin cases are high quality cases made for the violin in Cremona Italy." (Wikipedia)

"Musafia is a researcher in the field of safe transportation of [precious musical] instruments." (MF Milano Finanza Journal)

"Today Musafia is one of the world's most important builders of violin and viola cases." (CERSI Research Center for Entrepreneurial Development)

"Dimitri Musafia is a man on a mission." (Strings magazine)

"Musafia cases: the current standard for professional violinists is manufactured in Cremona, Italy, and contains a unumber of useful innovations." (ehow.com, The History of Violin Cases, entry)


Cremona Solo Violin Competition, 2008 Edition. From left to right: Luthier M.A. Heyligers, Mr. Musafia, and Prof. Dirk Verelst, president of the jury. Violinist Floris Uytterhoeven of Belgium won the "Dimitri Musafia Prize". (Photo courtesy of Love2Arts)


"The art of the violin case: Dimitri Musafia creates violin cases that not only protect the instrument but are extremely refined collectors' items [...] without doubt the Stradivari of violin cases." (Giornale della Musica - Music Journal)


"Case manufacturing was resurrected [in Italy] by [...] Dimitri Musafia. [...]. Musafia Cremona Italy cases are arguably the result of  more exhaustive research [...] than any other." (Violin Cases: History and Development from the 17th to the 21st Century, by Dr. Glenn P. Wood, published in the Journal of the VSA - Violin Society of America)


"Musafia, the center of international excellence in violin case construction." (AXA Art magazine, published by AXA-Art, multinational insurers)


In 2009 the Stradivari Foundation commissioned a Musafia double violin case for 1734 "Scotland University" Stradivari, on loan to violin virtuoso Serghej Krylov. (Photo courtesy of Fondazione Stradivari)


"Musafia [is] one of the world's most important artisan violin case makers. [...] The elements which characterize Musafia cases are the highest quality, the lifetime guarantee against defects, and the maximum protection for the violin." (Corriere della Sera, the leading national Italian newspaper)


"Whatever-proof." ("Strings Magazine")

The 1715 "ex-Joachim - Cremonese", probably the most precious of all Stradivari violins, in it's Musafia Master Series Aureum case.



"Dimitri Musafia [is] one of the world's most accredited violin case makers." (City of Cremona - official press release)

"Indeed, the Musafia is the Cadillac of cases." ("Strings")

"Dimitri Musafia, the Valentino of violin and viola case makers," (La Provincia, newspaper of Cremona)

"By far the most impressive of the cases we saw, the Musafia Master Series is every musician’s dream." ("Strings" review of violin cases)

"The Crème de Cremona". ("Strings")






Mr. Musafia with Prince Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi. The Sheikh is nephew of the Sultan of Sharjah (UAE), owner of one of Mr. Musafia's most elaborate works, featured in the Giornale della Musica publication. (Photo courtesy of L. Muchetti)



"Master Case Maker Dimitri Musafia, It is our pleasure to send you our best compliments and thanks for the violin case that represents a model of genuine civilizational heritage, outstanding unique handcraft expressing your friendly country contribution in building and developing cultural and civilizational relations between nations. " (His Highness Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, letter, Sharjah, U.A.E.)


"Dear Dmitri, The case arrived and I am thrilled. Absolutely beautiful! I have a good friend in LA who bought the Milstein Strad several years ago that might want to order the same one. He will get in touch." (Margaret Batjer, concertmistress of the L.A. Chamber Orchestra, via e-mail, U.S.A.)


Creating the interior of the new case for the 1694 "ex-Halir" Stradivari.



"My daughter loves her new Musafia case. Her violin sits quite comfortable in the tropicalized interior of the case! She does not have to spend minutes tuning all the strings on her violin now since it retains most of the tuning these days. This is a dramatic change from day 1 of the new Musafia case. All in all, it is working great for the New England weather which has been terrible these days. The case also looks beautiful and she says that it has attracted quite a few compliments!" (Sharadha Vijay, via e-mail, U.S.A.)


"Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic violin case which I received before the new year! I really never anticipated for it to look so great! Please express my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Musafia." (Martyn Jackson, via e-mail, Germany)


"the beautiful case reached! I am so happy! It ist really best quality! My Guarneri will feel great in this case, i am sure :) [...] Thanks also for always beeing reliable. Best wishes also for 2011 to all members of Musafia!" (Anna Moellers, via e-mail, Germany)


The prestigious Los Angeles dealer Hans Weisshaar Inc. has one of the largest permanent selections of Musafia cases, all made to enhanced instrument protection specifications.



"I am moved by your [...] choice of the violin case as a medium for artistic expression. [...]  I realise it is something extraordinary and very much hand made instead of mass produced.  The best analogy [...] is comparing the interior of a Bentley S Saloon or Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud to a BMW 7series or Mercedes S Class.  Your cases has the feel of something that is a one-off, where the individual parts are made to fit each other perfectly [...], rather than being [...] injection moulded.  This human imput is what I appreciate.  Besides, there really is no one else who would make cases the way you do.  It is an occasion everytime one opens or close the case.
The comparison of a master case maker to a pregressive Luthier is very appropriate.  The way you consistently try to improve your designs is not unlike the constant experimentation of Stradivari during his long career. I hope that you will live a long and prosperous life perfecting your case designs, while receiving just accolades along the way as Stradivari did during his lifetime. I am sure one day people would recognise that Musafia cases would be as collectible as violins. Please continue to send me emails [...] for I can see that there is where one can find unique one-off examples of your art.
" (Dr. Lawrence Yu, via e-mail, Australia)


"Dear Mr. Musafia, I wish to [...] express our complete satisfaction for the case received, it's an object of which the quality and beauty far surpasses our expectations; for this my daughter and I will be always grateful to you, as for the rapidity and care with which you have satsified our request." (Stefano Pastine, via e-mail, Italy)

Joshua Bell owns this custom Luxury Ultralight, which has a total of three accessory compartments to exploit the interior space to the limit.



"I have owned a beautiful custom made Musafia dart shaped case for about 5 years. I love that case and I look forward to the arrival of my new case. My [Vincenzo Postiglione] violin travels all over the world with me. I can rest easy on long international trips as my violin is safe in the overhead bin protected in a Musafia case. Thank you for an excellent product!" (Dr. LaDonna Taylor, via e-mail, U.S.A.)


"I absolutely love the new case! Fantastic! [...] Everything is tight and up to your Musafia standards!" (Micah Sherman, electric violinist, via text message, Balearic Islands, Spain)


The violin in this photo, portrayed in its Musafia Luxury Classic dart case, belonged to Jean Sibelius when he composed his concerto in d minor. It is now owned by his grand-daughter, Mrs. Satu Jalas.   



"Dear Mr Musafia, The violincase arrived today in perfect condition. Sir, what can we say to you what isn't said before from your customers? This violincase is one of a kind craftsmanship!!! [...] Please continue making these cases, these are not ordinary violincases this is Quality on lonely height." (Klander Family, via e-mail, The Netherlands)


"I felt I must add a few words to say how utterly delighted I am with [my Master Series Aureum]  case: it combines aesthetic beauty with engineering excellence; and to these are added meticulous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship.  It is, indeed, nothing less than a supreme work of art, one which I am proud to own and which I am sure will remain a pleasure to use for many, many years to come. Please could you also pass on my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved with the making of the case?" (Rupert Luck M.A., M.Mus. Distinction, via e-mail, U.K.)


Eugene Fodor, Tchaikovsky and Paganini Competition winning soloist, performing an impromptu concert at the Musafia Cremona Italy stand in occasion of the Cremona Mondomusica trade fair, Oct. 5, 2008 on his 1740 Guarneri del Gesù.



"[...] Among other articles on your site were testimonials for your cases, praising them for the protection they provided to violins which were in accidents [...] My story is not quite so dramatic, but one that I know you would like to hear. I love my case, have loved it ever since I got it, and because of its construction and what it does for my violin, I am one of Musafia's biggest fans.  My violin is a 1900 German one that had not been verywell taken care of over the years and had already sustained a couple of cracks before I purchased it.  But it had a lovely, warm and rich sound and, to me, that's what mattered most. [...] But I continued to have problems with it.  It was extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.  Each week, in the middle of orchestra rehearsal, my violin would go out of tune. Sometimes it took a lot of work to get it back in tune causing a great deal of frustration and embarrassment to me.  At one dress rehearsal for a concert, as the conductor lifted his baton, my stand partner informed me that my violin had just sustained a 4" crack, not due to an accident, only temperature. [...] I read and reread your website knowing that any other brand of case wouldn't do for me.  The more I read the more I wanted to try the tropicalization and weatherguard features so I ordered them with my Luxury case. A miracle!  My violin has not once gone out of tune due to temperature or humidity changes since the day it so proudly was packed into its Musafia case.  Not once.  Incredible!   I have always been a firm believer in keeping it in the case to prevent any harm coming to it while it is idle so it stays zipped in the case a good part of each day.  When I tell people about the positive effect that the case has had, it sounds incredible even to me, considering the trouble I used to have. The tropicalization feature, perhaps with the help of the weatherguard, must keep the violin at a much more consistent level so that even when I take it out of the case in summer or winter, the wood remains stable enough so that it doesn't change so quickly as to cause the pegs to slip.  [...]  Thanks so much for continuing to make such fine cases for the instruments we love, I'd be delighted if you used part of my email. I've been so happy with my case, I think everyone should have one! (Kay Danzico, via e-mail, U.S.A.)


"Dear Mr Musafia, The case that i have recieved a few weeks ago was absoulutley stunning. I caanot imagine any other violin case that could be compared to the Musafia series. Indeed your cases are the best in the world! keep up the fantastic work. I was having a concert tour in Germany, Italy, Austria and France in the last three weeks, and i couldn't believe how many people commented on the case when i opened it. I only have one word to describe the case, just simply " Perfect". Well done!" (David Ma, via e-mail, Australia)


"I want [a case] to last a very long time, but I want it to look nice. In the Italian language, they have a nice single word for this whole sentence: Musafia." (MB, posted on violinist.com website)


Did you know that the sales of Musafia Cases helps support young artists get on stage? Mr. Musafia is on the Board of Directors of the Concert Society of Cremona's Filodrammatici Theater (established in 1674), which organizes performance opportunities and scholarships for talented young musicians. (Photo courtesy of E-cremona.it webzine)



"Musafia Italian cases are the first choice for professional musicians worldwide – they are among the best cases money can buy." (tuhy001, on E-bay)


"[...] I've been using my new Opus V Master Series Aureum since a week now....what can I say....it's practicality is unequalled...accessory boxes well-designed and well-placed...huge music pouch...everything that one could request...and in addition the refinement and finish that gives honor to what is made in Italy! Bravi !" (Pier Paolo Riccomini, via e-mail, Italy)


"I can't express how I felt when I saw the case you built for my violin. Apart from your exquisite taste in how to built the most beautifull violincases I can imagine, you make sure that my violin's safety is your priority. This case is very special for me. It is a long story and maybe one day I tell you why. But for now I really want to thank everyone who helped building my violincase. I saw you wrapped the cremona news-paper around my violincase. I really hope to see Cremona one day, I guess every violonist dreams of that... " (Gijsje Van Grunsven, via e-mail, France)

Dec. 20, 2007: Gala charity evening at Cremona's Ponchielli Theater, organized by the Cremona daily La Provincia. From left to right: Mr. Musafia, master violin maker Fabio Volta, violinist Alessandro Ceravolo, film actress Catherine Spaak. During the evening Mr. Musafia and Mr. Volta donated respectively a case and violin to the young violinist; Mrs. Spaak presented the event.  (Photo courtesy of La Provincia)



"Caro Signor Musafia, I just received the case; it's an absolute wonder! the feel, the touch and the quality of the materials are just exceptional! I can only say that [my J.B.Vuillaumme, 1856] "Doria" and me are delighted! Congratulations from all my heart for your artistry and kindness!" (Eugen Tichindeleanu, via e-mail, France)


"A 6 figure violin -- I'd go Musafia. [...] no one else that I know of allows you to add the tropicalization (e.g. extra thermal insulation), waterproofing (truly waterproofing the wood so that the case will literally float), tongue-and-groove closure, pressure ports, etc. [...] Musafia is clearly the gold standard even for straight up protection. And if there's any question about environmental changes (think airplanes and the sudden humidity and temperature changes even if you carry the instrument on), I don't think there's any question that Musafia cases stand head and shoulders above all other cases." (Ray, posted on The Violinist internet discussion group)


Mr. Musafia lecturing on the subject of Antonio Stradivari's violin cases, Cremona 2008.  (Photo courtesy of Dr. Fabio Perrone)



"Dear Mr Musafia, I just wanted to say how much I love my Enigma violin case!! It's absolutely perfect for me and very much admired. [...] Thanks once again, With all Best WIshes, Chloe." (Chloe Hanslip, via e-mail, U.K.)


"I was able to see the [Salvatore Accardo by Musafia] case only Monday and [...] today I would like to thank you for the splendid work of quality and beauty that you have done. I was certain to have chosen well. Thank you again." (Matteo Amat di San Filippo, via e-mail, Italy)


"Thank you so much for the most beautiful [custom-made] case! It's perfect! I absolutely love it. " (Sarah Chang, via fax, U.S.A.)


This custom Luxury Ultralight mod. U3012 was specially made to be as light and as practical as possible to meet the needs of one of the world's most distinguished soloists. The stylish paisely satin lining and suede-like frame covering help reduce the weight, while a low-profile extra accessory box under the violin's neck and a special area for the shoulder rest make the most of the compact (cm 76 x 23.5) size. Despite this, and the addition of side impact protection, the case weighs only 2.6 kg. (5.7 lbs.)! 



"I have just received my case and I must say that I didn't expect such beauty and precision construction. I am ultra-satisfied and it will be a great pleasure to promote your name among my colleagues."  (Francesco Ventura, via E-mail, Italy)


"Received the [viola] case today, and it’s FANTASTIC.  It fits perfectly, and the quality and construction is obviously first rate.  Aesthetically, it is so beautiful, too. Thanks again for your fast and professional service, and for a case that I am proud to own (instead of wondering when it will fall apart.)" (Kevin Davidson, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"I just want to inform you that I received my Dart-Shaped-Master-Series-Exclusive etui today. It is a truly beautiful case, reflecting not only caring craftsmanship and attention to detail, but also the personal experience and knowledge of what today's musicians demand from their instrument etuis. In a world where websites and commercials tend to exaggerate and glorify products out of proportion, your cases prove the contrary...I was already impressed by your website photos, information,etc... but even more impressed when I finally received the etui. The case has exceded my expectations. [...] I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for the first-class service I have been granted throughout our e-mail correspondence/order/delivery, etc... [...] Your success and accomplishments are well-deserved. I will be proud to recommend your etuis to my colleagues. [...] Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the superior service and the even more superior violin etui." (Melanie Torres-Meissner, Assistant Principal Second Violinist, Beethoven Orchester Bonn, via E-mail, Germany)


AXA, a leading European insurance company with a special branch dedicated to insuring works of art, invited Mr. Musafia to lecture on the topic of string instrument safety, during a convention held May 31st, 2006. (Photo courtesy of AXA)



"Dear Dimitri, I received the case yesterday afternoon - it is a beautiful case- exactly as you described it [...] Your dedication to researching, creating and manufacturing such quality case's is fantastic. Thanks again!" (Ian McCamy, via E-mail, France)


"i just wanted to say that your cases are the best that money can buy! in addition, are the best built cases out there. [...]  i have since commissioned a new violin to be made by a master modern maker and when finished will rest in a musafia enigma case. [...] again, thank you for making such works of arts to protect, transport and house other works of art. it is rare indeed in this day and age where art is used to enclose art!" (Ben Fung, DDS, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"Mr. Musafia: about two years ago I purchased a Master Series E violin case from you. This case has been the marvelous home for my wife's G.B. Ceruti ca. 1800. She couldn't be more happy with the case. Your workmanship is extraodinary! [...] Once again, we could not be happier with the beautiful case you made for us. We are very proud to own both a [18th century] Ceruti [violin] and a Musafia!! We refer fellow musicians to you often and without reservation." (Thomas Kelley, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"Dear Dimitri - You are an ARTIST! The cases arrived yesterday and I literally had tears in my eyes, they are so beautiful... [...] Nobody I know is so lucky to have 4 of your cases, so I appreciate you very much. The Guarnerius looks incredible with the medallion fabric [...]." (Dr. Pilar Bradshaw, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


Gala evening at the Teatro Filodrammatici. Prof. Mario Vitale (left), Director of the Conservatory of Cremona, awards scholarships to particularly talented music students. The funds were provided by the Cremona Kiwanis Club thanks to an initiative by Mr. Musafia.    



"I just received my Salvatore Accardo case and it is so beautiful that it did exceeded my expectations. It is a delight to look at! Also it gives me lots of piece of mind to know that my violin has the best protection.." (Mayra Urdaz, via E-mail, Puerto Rico)


"I just wanted to let you know that my case is fabulous! It has exceeded my expectations and is a credit to the exceptional quality Musafia represents. I am looking forward to receiving case number two soon. Finally, after many years of wishful thinking, I not only have one Musafia creation, but two." (Diana Iorio, via E-mail, U.S.A.)   


"On behalf of my family I thank you very much for this nice piece of art." (Igor Martynov, via E-mail, Russia)


""Gorgeous" is not a word that sufficiently describes my reaction to [my new Musafia case], but for the moment "gorgeous" will have to do. It is gorgeous. Exclamation mark. " (Brooke McEldowney, violist and syndicated cartoonist (9 Chickweed Lane), via E-mail, USA)


"I have acquired two additional Master Series cases. I personally feel these are the finest cases ever produced." (Dr. Roger Shingler, via E-mail, USA)


Dimitri Musafia being interviewed by Japanese television during official presentation of the Salvatore Accardo by Musafia case.



"The case finally arrived yesterday, in perfect condition. Thank you, it is a wonderful case indeed (much better than my old [competing brand] case!) " (Jose Monton, via E-mail, UK)


"I think you are a true artist!" (Jeremy vanDieman, via E-mail, Canada)


"Thank you so much, your handiwork is magnificent and artistry much appreciated in this day and age!" (Milada Keck, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"Dear Mr Musafia, I have received the case today and would like to thank you very much. I am delighted with the case and I think it is absolutely fantastic. Once more many thanks." (Djordje Gavic, via E-mail, U.K.)


"I received my beautiful Aeternum viola case recently. It is stunning, inside and out. Because he fits in the case so securely, and the case is strong enough to support my weight while standing on the lid without any deformation, I feel much safer transporting my best friend. And there’s ample storage space for all my accessories. My colleagues are quite envious." (J.C. Loewe, via E-mail, U.S.A.)



Some leading Cremona makers, such as Giorgio Grisales, offer their precious violins with specially-made Musafia cases.



"I bought two weeks ago one Aeternum Case from one of your american dealers, during a tour in the USA. Thanks a lot, for this marvellous case ; all is perfect, magic, the Aeternum is every violinist's dream. Thanks again to take care of our most precious instruments, dear Mister Musafia." (A. Roncigli, Membre du Comité Directeur, Grand Prix Européen de Violon, via E-mail, Luxembourg)


"Dear Dmitri, I received my Enigma viola case today from [a dealer]. It is MAGNIFICENT!!!! It is truly a work of art. My viola looks beautiful in it. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you so much!" (Kathleen McGee-Daly, via E-mail, U.S.A.)



from left to right: the Prefect of Cremona Dr. Iovino, the regional governor of Kiwanis Italy Dr. Parlato, the 1996-2004 Mayor of Cremona Sen. Bodini and Dimitri Musafia, 2003-2004 President of the Cremona Kiwanis club. Kiwanis International is an association which assists children in need.



"I received the case a few weeks ago and it is so beautiful!!! Wow! The workmanship is incredible. And knowing the level of protection underneath all that beauty is a true comfort. Thank you for keeping your standards!" (Mary Ann Begbie, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"Wow, it is stunning, congratulations!! Now you have truly made the most amazing case I have ever seen! So beautiful." (Isabel, via E-mail, Great Britain)


From left to right, standing: the President of Yamaha Music Trading Corp. Mr Tojo, Mr. Musafia, and Project Manager Mr. Yamamoto, in a traditional Japanese restaurant. Yamaha Music Trading is the exclusive distributor of Musafia products in Japan.    



  "Mr. Musafia, I just wanted to let you and all of your staff know how thrilled I am with my new custom case. My peers and teachers were also amazed with the beauty and craftsmanship. It is the most beautiful case I've ever seen. Beyond the beauty, though, I also want to tell you that I feel safer with my violins in a Musafia case. I got so frustrated with my old case (straps
breaking, zippers breaking, cover ripping/detaching from the wood of the case, etc) that I made the decision to buy a quality case for the sake of my modern and baroque violins. I tell everyone I know about your cases, and I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you!"
(Michelle Brians, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"WOW!! Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my case. It is just spectacular and is causing a sensation everywhere I go!! [...] Again, my sincere thanks for all of your extra effort. It was so very much worth it!" (Ida Kavafian, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"I just wanted to write you a note to say we received the case we ordered and we love it. [...]. I am so pleased with the case. It is really great and I know that because I shopped long and hard before ordering from you. I saw many cases in a broad range of prices and this one is a very good buy. The case is pretty and well put together with lovely little details. We are very happy with it. Many thanks for your great product!" (Kathleen Wallace, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


Prof. Mario Vitale, Director of the Conservatory of Cremona (left) and Mr. Musafia. Mr. Musafia organized the donation of a violin by Stefano Conia Sr. to this institute, complete with bow and Aeternum case, to be lent to a talented but underprivileged student on a long-term basis. 



"I ordered a Master Series E case from you through Phil Kass at William Moennig and Son. [...] Our beautiful case arrived last week and we couldn't be more delighted. [...] When I ordered the case, I requested several additional features such as tropicalization, reinforced frame, as well as a personalized name plate. Everything was exactly as we ordered! The care and craftsmanship that went into the construction of this case is evident in every aspect. This case exceeds our expectations. [...] Thank you so much for your care and your meticulous attention to detail. We [...] will have nothing but wonderful thoughts of you and your wonderful craftsmen. Again, please accept our sincere thanks and also know that my wife's colleagues are asking about this wonderful case. We will guide them your direction whenever possible!"  (Tom Kelley, via E-mail, U.S.A.)


"My [custom made] case arrived this afternoon in perfect condition and on time! It is a perfect fit for my [larger than normal] violin and is absolutely gorgeous, I am quite delighted." (Ed Dubois, via E-mail, Belgium)


"Today, as punctually announced, I received the Master Series Exclusive case I ordered; with a little emotion - I will admit it - because it had been some time that I was desiring one [...]. The case is a veritable jewel (my colleagues will be very jealous!), with great attention paid to the smallest detail, and truly worthy of your fame and professionality. My thanks to all your staff and once again, thanks for your work!"  (Maestro Andrea Taio, via E-mail, Italy)


With Gil Sharon, concertmaster and artistic director of the Amati Ensemble



"I am very happy with the new [custom made double violin] case. It is beautiful and my wife likes it also." (Gil Sharon, via E-mail, Netherlands)



Mr. Musafia, the president of Yamaha Music Trading Corp. Mr. Tojo, and the president of the Cremona Chamber of Commerce Mr. Cabrini in 2003.



"In Musafia I trust. I am the fifth generation owner of the family violin. This Italian violin has been in the family for well over 150 years. What type of violin case do I place my trust in? Musafia, of course!"  (Reneé Olstead, via E-mail, USA)


"The violin case is delivered to my wife in USA. She just called me and told me that the violin case is fantastic !! She is very very satisfied with the case. Thank you for your excellent works. Your violin cases are always best of the best ! I hope your business being prosperous and continues forever. I will contact you again if I need another violin cases." (J. Kim, via E-mail, Korea)


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my new viola case yesterday and I am thrilled with it. The craftsmanship is outstanding and it was well worth the wait. (...) it will be my pleasure to spread the word to all of the professional string players that I encounter on a daily basis about your company and the superb quality of your work." (Debra Reilly, via E-mail, USA)


"You have a fantastic product with no competition. I will recommend your product to everyone I know." (Chris Burndrett, via E-mail, USA)


"I absolutely love my Musafia violin case. It's simply the nicest case around, anywhere I go, and is always a topic of conversation. Mr. Musafia is also a pleasure to deal with. Every other case feels cheap and flimsy to me because I'm so used to the Musafia". (Jonathan R., posted on Maestronet Internet site)


Another fine Cremona maker to offer Musafia cases with his instruments is Maurizio Tadioli



"I thought I'd share with you guys my recent purchase of a Musafia violin case. It is absolutely breathtaking! I've had many cases. They are all the same. The Musafia is incredible. WORTH THE MONEY!" ("C.B. Fiddler", posted on Maestronet Internet site)


"The Musafia cases are wonderful. Both my son and I have them. They are works of art, but very functional as well." ("Bubba", posted on Maestronet Internet site)


"The Musafia Master Series case offers THE BEST protection for your instrument." (Ludwig, posted on Maestronet Internet site)


"These cases are "QUALITY"!! Would never buy another kind, and I've had [cases by] J*****, N****, etc." (Susan, posted on Maestronet Internet site)


Mathijs A. Heyligers, a Dutch violin maker working in Cremona for over 25 years who caters to a professional musician clientele, recommends that only Musafia cases be used to protect his instruments.



"I think this is the best violin case I have ever seen." (Jaeil Kim, via E-mail, South Korea)


"Musafia cases [...] are absolutely beautiful [...] workmanship is outstanding. They are sturdy [...] This case is tough to beat in workmanship, finish, and practicality". (Ben, posted on Maestronet Internet site)


"I thank you truly for your generous [double case] which will offer the possibility of transporting together [Paganini's] two violins, as by the [safety] specifications indicated during by the Technical Commission [...]." (Mayor Dr. Adriano Sansa, City of Genoa, letter)



Newsarticle regarding the new Musafia case for Paganini's 1742 del Gesù "the Cannon", as appeared in the Genoa daily "Secolo XIX"



"Your magnificent violin case has been exhibited [...], during the entire Competition creating general admiration." (Pierre-Yves Tribolet, Director, Tibor Varga Violin Competition, Switzerland, letter)




"Excellent cases - a lifetime investment and a lovely thing to own." (Martin McClean, posted on the violinist.com discussion forum, U.K.)


"I think you are real innovators- your cases are the best by far." (Hammond Ashley Violins, U.S.A., e-mail)


"Thank you for the cases you have sent us. They are absolutely beautiful." (Atelier Paganini, Czech Republic, e-mail)


"The quality is really convincing." (Renata Koeckert Streichinstrumente, W. Germany, fax)

Dario Segala, a member of the Parma Violin Makers' Association and winner of numerous prizes, is happy to offer Musafia cases with his instruments.



"The Musafia violin case is really beautiful". (Sirena Co. Ltd, Japan, fax)


" I am very pleased and not surprised that there has been such interest in the [Musafia] Portfolio cases. [...] In short, I think they look great, so keep it up." (Philip Kass, Wm. Moennig & Son, USA, fax)


"I would like to thank you and tell you how much I am happy to be one of your clients." (Jean Noel Rybicki, Switzerland, fax)


"The quality of your case comes up to my expectations." (Kunio Mori, Japan, fax)

Loeiz Honoré, a foremost violin maker in Cremona, together with Mario Brunello and Mstlav Rostropovich. The latter two selected a cello (pictured) by Mr. Honoré as the best- sounding among a series of contemporary celli tried out for purchase by an important foundation. Mr. Honoré has endorsed Musafia cases since their introduction in 1983.  



"We recently received an order of your cases and are quite pleased with them. We would like to order [more]..." (Spruce Tree Music & Repair, USA, letter)


"[...] your cases are really getting a good response here in the States. So I am sure that this is just the beginning of a great business relationship." (Machold Rare Violins, USA, fax)


"Thank you so much for your recent shipment. As usual, the cases are beautiful. We received seven of the nine ordered and are very happy with them." (Lake & Wilson Fine Violins, USA, fax)


"Thank you for the recent shipment of cases; they were fine." (Kamimoto String Instruments, USA, fax)

Ishii Takashi, maker of the viola pictured, commissioned a special case for it. Both are now in the possession of the Emperor of Japan.   


"It has been a pleasure selling your cases. [Our] shop has sold [only] Musafia cases since last March." (Rafael Carrabba, USA, fax)


"Your cases are becoming popular in Los Angeles! [...] I look forward to continuing expansion of our business relationship!" (Thomas Metzler Violin Shop, USA, letter)


"Your cases are, on the whole, very beautiful and people really notice them." (Robert Cauer, USA, fax)


"Thank you, first of all, for the beautiful cases on my last shipment." (Foster's Violin Shop, USA, letter)


"I am pleased and impressed with the fine workmanship, design and materials." (John Harrison Violinmaker, USA, letter)


Correspondence reproduced from Musafia Italia S.r.l. files. All statements are from clients who received Musafia cases and were not solicited for publicity purposes.



"Ida Kavafian's most important piece of gear is her gorgeous custom-made Musafia, complete with purple silk lining, which [she] chose personally. Indeed, the Musafia is the Cadillac of cases, [full description follows]." (String Magazine, December 2004 issue) 


"COME BACK WITH THAT CASE! Anyone stealing instrument cases belonging to the Dutch National Musical Instrument Foundation will be easy to spot from now on: the organization has commissioned a special series of cases in distinctive colors that marks them as the foundation’s property. A brass plate inside the Musafia case identifies the foundation and a special feature means that standard [replacement] case covers do not fit the cases, making them harder to disguise. "(The Strad  – News & Events section, December 2003)


Naomi Sadler, at the time editor of Strad Magazine, and Mr. Musafia at the Amati 500 concert in Maastricht (Netherlands). Mr. Musafia assisted with the organization of the event, which saw 17 Amatis (violins, violas, including celli and a double bass) in concert together for the first time in over two centuries, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andrea Amati, inventor of the violin.  



"[Dimitri Musafia] creates luxurious and refined cases for the Gotha of the international concert scene, starting from Salvatore Accardo. [...] Now Cremona-made craftmanship brings the world of high fashion to violins, thanks to a joint-venture between Musafia and Roberta di Camerino, one of the most prestigious names in Italian style. [...] (news article, La Provincia, newspaper of Cremona, 3 October 2003)


"THE CRÈME DE CREMONA. A CASE FOR THE VIOLIN THAT HAS EVERYTHING. For the past 20 years, Musafia Italia of Cremona, Italy has made high-quality cases for violin and viola, and the new Enigma model incorporates all of that experience and more. Appointed with an exquisite silk and satin velvet lining, [full list of features follows], the Enigma bespeaks luxury. But the beauty of this case is more than skin deep." [exhaustive technical description follows]. (Strings – New Products – Workbench section, August/September 2003)


"LUXURY SURROUNDINGS: Celebrating 20 years in the violin industry, Musafia has introduced the Enigma case, one of it’s most exclusive cases ever. [full description follows]" (The Strad  – What's New section, August 2003)


"CREMONA MOVES: Musafia, the Cremona case maker, has doubled the size of it’s operations and has moved to larger premises. […] The expansion has been caused by a growth in orders for bespoke cases.[…]." (The Strad  – News & Events section, April 2003)


"A new case for the violins of Paganini [...] The exclusive work designed by [...] Dimitri Musafia - noted for having supplied his creations to the world's most famous soloists [...] as well as the Emperor of Japan - has a thermo-hygrometric control of the microclimate within the case and a suspension system against bumps and vibrations. [...] The case has the interior lining in silk with an exclusive pattern, the color of which contains 12 variations on the color of the violin itself. [...]" (news article, Il Secolo XIX, newspaper of Genoa, 21 March 1998)


"A thermally insulated case for the violins of Paganini [...] The two violins preferred by Paganini won't have anything to worry about during transport, not even differences in climate. [...] [The case] has a sophisticated thermo-hygrometric control of the microclimate within the case and a suspension system against bumps and vibrations. [...]" (news article, Il Giornale, national newspaper, 21 March 1998)


"Violins in D.O.C. cases - after the Stradivari 1715, Musafia's work [commissioned] for the two Guarneri del Gesù violins of the museum of Genoa" [...] 'The case which I delivered is the fruit of 15 years of research. It is not only useful, in fact it is lined in high fashion fabrics, a silk print which I myself contributed in the design.' [...]" (news article, La Provincia, newspaper of Cremona, 21 March1998)


"When the violin case becomes art [...] 'We were the first in Europe to make a specific instrument suspension system to guard against impact, to use a humidifying system [...] The latest innovation is the use of high fashion fabrics for the interior' [...]" (Interview of Dimitri Musafia, La Gazzetta della Musica, issue February 1998)


"[Paganini's Guarneri 1742 the] 'Cannon' gets a new case. [...] specially built by Musafia of Cremona. Commissioned by the City of Genoa, the case is lined in colour-print velvet, and includes thermal insulation, four-point suspension and humidity control. [...]" (magazine article, The Strad, issue October 1997)


"A precious 'dress' for the violins of the Civic Collection. The stylist Dimitri Musafia [...] one of the most accredited violin case makers in the world, provided yersterday a violin case with the highest technology available to the City of Cremona. It will be used for the transport of the Stradivari Cremonese 1715 and the other masterpieces of the Civic Collection. It has a suspension system to guard against bumps, a control system for temperature and humidity, and is "tropicalized", in other words decreases inside temperature changes by 60%. [...] Precious also aesthetically, [the case] has lining in silk velvet and Alcantara, while the metal fixtures are in gold-laminate. [...] Musafia cases with the same characteristics have been ordered by violinists as famous as Accardo, Ughi, Mintz and Stern." (news article, La Provincia, newspaper of Cremona, 3 October 1996)


"Violin-making with a following wind - with a racing sailboat sponsored by a Cremonese industry. [...] [Musafia Italia S.r.l.] is a unique company which [produces violin cases] for VIPs of the music world, such as Uto Ughi and Salvatore Accardo. [...]" (news article, Il Giorno, national newspaper, 28 April 1996)


"[The violin offered to the National Museum of Music of Havana, Cuba] had a case specially made by Dimitri Musafia with a series of new safety features able to protect the instrument both during transport and against the particular climatic conditions present in the region. The exterior, of white color, is made with a patented material which reflects infrared light rays, and covers a special sandwich of insulation panels which blocks the absorbtion of eventual unreflected heat rays; [thermometer and hygrometer] monitor the safety zone in which the instrument is in with respect to the outside [of the case]." (news article, Liuteria [official publication of the Association of Italian Violin Making], September-October issue, 1989)


"A special violin case with thermo-hygrometric control system and safety lock was commissioned to Dimitri Musafia [by the International Violin-making School of Cremona] for the viola offered to the Prince of Japan." (news article, Mondo Padano newspaper, 20 October 1986)



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