D      I     M     I     T     R      I        Δ       M     U     S     A     F     I     A

master violin and viola case maker



Δ          Δ          Δ


Musafia: A Contemporary Legend 


See how a Musafia Cremona Italy case is made in this video by Daniele Oneta, from the tracing of the instrument to fit, through various phase of construction, up to the final inspection and certification of the finished work. Is a Musafia truly special and different from all other cases?

You’ll find out in this fascinating video where true artisan passion, careful workmanship and attention to detail become easily apparent, within the inimitable atmosphere of the centuries’ old violin making tradition of the City of Violins. (click on title to view)




Musafia: The Beauty of Ergonomics


In this short film written and directed by Dimitri Musafia, with an historic Beethoven soundtrack, a model demonstrates the user-friendly characteristics of a Musafia case as she portrays a hypothetical violinist going about her day prior to an evening concert.

Beginning with the elegant backdrop of an 18th century country villa, stopping by Cremona’s arguably most photogenic violin shop, and ending in the first theater founded in the city (circa 1675) you’ll truly enjoy discovering the many and comfortable ways you can carry a Musafia case in a variety of situations. (click on title to view)



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