D      I     M     I     T     R      I        Δ       M     U     S     A     F     I     A

master violin and viola case maker


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The workshop



Dimitri Musafia personally creating the distinctive interior of Opus VII. Opus cases are special, individually crafted cases in which Mr. Musafia personally takes part in the construction, not just the design.     Cases in the making.     An impromptu portrait by a visiting artist customer.

Inlaying the bottom panel of an accessory box with velvet, Royale, and burlwood.

Calibrating the 85 degree opening of the lid of the case. Less than 85 degrees and the lid won't stay open; more than that will eventually strain the structure when the music pouch is heavily loaded.     Varnishing the cherrywood burl trim with six coats of traditional gumlack, specially mixed and colored in the workshop.    All Musafia Cremona Italy case covers are hand tailored in our workshop for each individual case.     A particularly colorful array of case lids for the Japanese market.

Posing for a photo with a finished case, upon request of the customer who commissioned it.     Finished case lids awaiting completion of the bottom. Each case starts as a closed box which is then carefully sectioned in two; therefore each case bottom has it's own lid which is not interchangeable with any other case.     Checking the accessory box lids for perfect closure. Each one is made individually and cannot be installed in another case.    The specially-milled laminate is calibrated in thickness to +/- 0.1mm. During routine checking, if a part exceeds this tolerance it is discarded.

Case covers are sewn with double and sometimes triple stitching to ensure a long duration.    Precise woodworking is the basis for a high-quality case. For this reason, no less than four members of the Musafia team trained as professional violin makers.     Many fabrics used, such as the Enigma velvet, are specially made for Musafia cases. The Enigma velvet contains 7 different tints and color matching is an important step in guaranteeing the best aesthetic result.


Musafia Cremona Italy cases are hand-crafted in Cremona, Italy, by a dedicated team of artisans, coordinated by founder Dimitri Musafia, since 1983.

Many people will agree that the attention to detail and quality is unmatched by any other case manufacturer, as is the continuous research into increasing instrument safety. The artistic touches which grace the one-off and unique Opus cases are done by Mr. Musafia personally.


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