Musafia Cremona Italy

You can increase your enjoyment of your Musafia with original Musafia accessories. Some of the accessories below are already included in many Musafia case models. To see what is included with a given case model, and what is available in terms of accessories, please refer to the "Features and Options" link of the desired model page (Lievissima, Superleggero, Luxury, etc.).


Imagine a little pouch big enough for a foldable music stand, portable umbrella, shoulder rest, etc. made with all the same strong materials of Musafia Cremona Italy case covers.

Imagine that it has a separate strap for portability and that you can thread your Musafia carrying strap through it for hands-free use. Made in all the same colors as our case covers for a perfect match! Overall length 42cm; can be made longer upon special request. Please check if the standard version is long enough for you!

Pillow blanket

The softest protection imaginable inside your Musafia case! This pillow-blanket is lined on both sides in rosin-resistant smooth, high-grade monocolor Champagne beige satin, and filled with low-density cotton air padding. Weighing approximately 70g (oblong violin version), provides optimum protection covering the violin completely. 

Available for all violin, viola, and double cases, oblong and dart shape.

Do NOT use in addition to the standard blanket.

Classic carrying strap

Two of these straps are supplied standard on all Musafia cases*, permitting both shoulder strap and backpack use. Nylon webbing will not curl with use.

Dark brown color matches all Musafia cases. Brass or brass plated metal components, soft plastic shoulder pad. Weight is 148g per strap.

*not included with Lievissima

Padded carrying strap

Ease the weight on your shoulders with the padded, adjustable-length Musafia padded carrying strap. Its 5 cm-wide padded strip is made of non-abrasive material in order to save the wear on your clothes.

Dark brown color matches all Musafia cases. Brass or brass plated metal components. No plastic used. Use one as a shoulder strap, or two together for back-pack use. Weight is 173g per strap.


Use this handy additional padded strap to stabilize your Musafia when worn as a backpack! Adustable length with one-touch quick-release connector, it goes around your midsection to connect with the case on both sides behind you.

Maximum overall length 104 cm; can be made longer upon special request.