Musafia Cremona Italy

Unlike industrially-made cases, you can have your Musafia Cremona Italy case specially-built to your exact needs and requirements, enhancing instrument safety and long-term enjoyment of your Musafia with built-in options and original Musafia accessories. While most options must be requested when placing a custom order, accessories and some selected options may be subsequently retrofitted to an existing Musafia case.

Please note that not all options are available for all case models, and some of the options below are already included in many cases. Lievissima in particular has a very restricted availability of options due to its particular construction. To see what is included in a given case model, and what is available in terms of options, please refer to the "Features and Options" link of the desired model page (Lievissima, Superleggero, Luxury, etc.).

- Safety options -

FindMe™ GPS locator/tracker

All GPS trackers for violin cases currently available use GSM/GPRS 2G cellular service to operate. This service is now obsolete and is being discontinued in most countries.

For this reason we are currently developing a new 4G system that will be officially presented once our testing has been completed. Please check back with us!

Humiditrak® by D'Addario

D’Addario Humiditrak® is a tiny sensor the size of a key fob which allows you, without opening the case, to check the microclimate within via your smartphone (not included), and monitor it graphically by hour, by day and by month. 21-day memory. The sensor can alert you if preset parameters are exceeded. 1-year battery life, range up to 50’. Includes motion sensor.

Added weight is 15g.

Fitted interior

Violin cases (not just viola cases) can now be made to measure, if you have an oversized or smaller-than-average violin. This ensures that the case is providing the optimum protection for your instrument, by allowing only the designed proper movement in case of accidental fall or impact. Please contact us for measuring instructions.

Available on Momentum, Superleggero, Luxury, and Aeternum violin models; standard on the viola versions of these models.

Contour fitted interior

Violin cases (not just viola cases) can be made to exact pattern. This means that the padding can follow the precise contour the instrument, corners and C-bouts included (the so-called French Fit, for example as in the Master Series). This is especially useful if you have an oversized or smaller-than-average violin, or one with a particular shape, ensuring that the case is providing the optimum protection for your instrument, by allowing only the designed proper movement in case of an accidental fall or impact.

Please contact us for instructions. Recommended for rare instruments of high value.

Available on all models except Lievissima.


Armored shell for greatest protection. The upgraded construction features up to 9-ply lamination to assure load-bearing capability of up to 200 kg. (440 lbs) while a resined-on woven mat, in a process similar to fiberglassing, covers all joinery creating a monolithical, impact-resistant shell.

A must for important instruments, highly recommended for those who subject the case to hard use, such as routinely loading in a tour bus hold. Includes Additional Shell Reinforcement (below).

Added weight is approximately 700g. (violin models). 

Additional shell reinforcement

A resined-on woven mat, in a process similar to fiberglassing, covers all joinery creating a monolithical, impact-resistant shell. Does not increase load-bearing capability as in the Protecta System™ above, however resistance to lateral impact is greatly enhanced. Recommended for those who subject the case to hard use.

Added weight is approximately 300g. (violin models).

Note: If you order the Protecta System (above) you don't need to order also this option as it is included.


Exclusive thermal insulation package which reduces internal temperature excursion by as much as 60% in hot weather and 30% in cold, thus protecting the instrument from abrupt changes in both temperature and relative humidity. Highly recommended for those with antique or heavily restored instruments.

Another Musafia first, standard on Lievissima, Gil Sharon and Enigma*.

Added weight is approximately 100g - 150g.

AcquaGuard® zippers by YKK

For those who use the case often in the rain, especially on a motorcycle, we recommend your commissioning your new Musafia with these high-quality Japanese-made waterproof zippers for maximum water resistance in the toughest conditions.

Added weight is approximately 50g. (violin models)


With just about every case, in extreme conditions water can eventually penetrate through the case cover material or the stitching (although in normal conditions of use this will not happen). For those who desire the maximum protection for their instrument against this type of occurrence, the shell of Musafia cases can be treated with a polyeurethane film for maximum water resistance, and the result is that the case will actually float on water! 

Another Musafia first, standard on Enigma*.

Added weight is almost nothing.


With the WeatherGuard, the lid and the bottom fit together like the closure of a vault. Introduced for the first time on a professional case in 2003, the WeatherGuard valance and groove closure increase resistance in case of impact as well as keeping weather out. 

Another Musafia first, standard on Enigma*.

Added weight is apperoximately 150g.

NOTE: Not available on ultralight models (U1911, U2112R, U3012, etc.) for technical reasons, even upon special request. Not available with Alcantara shell covering option for the same reason. With this option, latch closure and zipper operation may be slightly less easy especially when the case is new.


During hot weather, cases exposed to direct sunlight suffer seemingly inexplicable increases of relative humidity within the case, which can sometimes double in the space of only 20-30 minutes (!), stressing the instrument greatly. It is not uncommon to find that in the long term this can breed mildew within the case or inside the instrument itself.

Musafia PressurePorts™ release excess pressure in these conditions and stabilizes relative humidity levels. This option is perfectly compatible with all other Musafia options, and does not allow water to enter the case. Standard on Enigma*.

Added weight is almost nothing.


Upon special request, Musafia cases can be lined in SuperSilk™, a plush velvet with particularly high silk content. Being more hygroscopic (i.e. moisture absorbent) than the velvet we normally use, this feature enhances the stability of the microclimate within the case. Please note however that SuperSilk™ velvet is not as lustrous as our normal velvet plush, which contains a higher percentage of viscosa. 

Five colors available: Forest Green, Mojave Beige, Chianti Red, Pacific Blue, Alpensilber Grey. Optional on all Musafia Cremona Italy cases except Lievissima. Please note that the current supply of beige is darker than in the image shown; the Alpensilber Grey has violet reflections.

Reduces the overall weight of the case slightly, depending on model.

Calibrated hygrometer

The dial-type Musafia hygrometer, made exclusively for Musafia Cremona Italy, is standard on all Musafia cases except Lievissima. Compact, precise to +/- 3% at room temperature, It does not indicate the exact relative humidity but rather "zones" which are useful for use in conjunction with the Dimus II humidifier.

It is calibrated twice before leaving the atelier: once before installation, and again before preparing the case for final sale.

Added weight is 14g.

DIMUS II™ humidifier

Most sources agree that Musafia set the standard for effective in-case humidification in 1988 with the invention of the distinctive DIMUS wick-style humidifier, now widely copied by other manufacturers world-wide.

The new multi-filament filling in the improved DIMUS II humidifiers, during extensive testing, proved 30% more effective than conventional cotton in releasing moisture, meaning that the humidity within the case will be better maintained. This is especially advantageous in winter, when dry but cooler air has less capability of absorbing moisture.

Presented in 2006, this humidifier is a significant improvement over the humidifiers present in other cases. Standard on all Musafia cases except Lievissima.

Added weight is 39g (dry).

Bow tip cushions

Special bow tip cushions help protect your bows from possible damage in case of impact. Simple yet unique in concept, these Alcantara®-covered pads offer extra protection for the tips, notoriously the most fragile part of the bow. Fore-and-aft movement is restricted, a useful "plus" in case of impact or severe jolt.

Please note that in Lievissima, Momentum, and Luxury Ultralight rectangular cases they restrict the maximum allowed length of the bow by 5mm. See these model pages for more information. No bow length restrictions for all other models. Standard on Enigma*.

Added weight is almost nothing.

Baroque bow accomodation

You can customize your new Musafia with the lid designed to accomodate shorter baroque bows safely. The bow tip holders are moved inboard to provide a perfect fit.

You can opt for a single baroque bow accomodation (as in the photo), for two bows, or for all four bow positions.

No added weight.

Baroque bow adapter

You can now order your new Musafia with one or more baroque bow adapters. These mobile adapters are lined in the same material of your case and can be fitted on demand and easily removed when no longer needed, offering you the greatest flexibility possible.

Another Musafia innovation, for all case models, violin and viola.

Added weight is almost nothing.

- Style options -

Swarovski® crystals

Would you like some extra sparkle inside your Musafia? Add some bling to the interior with the addition of Golden-shadow Swarovski crystals covering the screws that hold the bow spinners in place! A few more are added as well, just to create perfect balance.

Standard on Aeternum Aureum.

No added weight.

 Leather instrument restraint

Instead of the normal Velcro restraints, as an option you can order long-lasting leather ribbons to hold in your violin or viola. Standard on all Aeternum, Master Series, and Enigma models.

No added weight.


If you're looking for a more low-key appearance on the outside of the case in order to avoid unwanted attention, the ShadowDesign option may be for you.

The screws, eyelets, carrying strap attachments, handle mounts, and other details are all finished with a matching darker, antique brass appearance. Corrosion resistant. (Please note that the latch, carrying straps, and CaseCaddy currently are unavailable with ShadowDesign components).

No added weight.

Gold-laminated fittings

The screws and eyelets that affix the case cover to the case can be laminated in gold to help prevent rust and corrosion, as well as being pleasing to the eye.

Standard on all Aeternum, Master Series, and Enigma models.

No added weight.

Black velvet interior

The elegance of rich, soft, deep black velvet plush is unsurpassed.

Upon special request, any Musafia Cremona Italy case (except Lievissima) may have the interior lining graced with this limited-production velvet, made in one of the most prestigious mills in Italy.

No added weight to most models.

Alcantara® shell covering

For a particularly elegant effect, the dark brown leatherette used to cover the case frame where it is visible can be substituted with suede-like Alcantara®, the same used by prestigious companies such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Reduces the overall weight of the case slightly, depending on model.

Not available together with WeatherGuard.

Additional shell reinforcement

In lieu of our usual Teflon-treated Cordura nylon, we can also make the case cover out of leather, for a particularly luxurious appearance. The leather used is light in weight, with a textile reinforcement on the reverse side to make it puncture resistant. Cases with leather covers also benefit by Tropicalization included in the package. Available in black, dark brown, and blue. See here: available colors

Not available on Ultralight models (models with code number starting with "U") nor Lievissima.

Added weight is approximately 150g.

Cherrywood burl trim

Add a further, highly refined touch of elegance and exclusivity with our cherrywood burl trim, polished by hand with six coats of gumlack, a traditional violin-maker's varnish mixed and colored in our own atelier. Unique to Musafia, no other case maker offers such a treat to the eyes!

Standard in Aeternum, Master Series, and Enigma cases. Not available on Lievissima.

Added weight is almost nothing.

Personalized nameplate

Render your case absolutely unique with your name custom inscribed in a small brass plaque inside the case. Choose between English or Italian text, or decide your own! (default is English language text as in the photo)

Nameplate is supplied with self-adhesive backing, so you can place it wherever you desire.

Custom colors

You are free to mix and match almost any material with any model (except Lievissima) for a profound personalization.

For example, this Gil Sharon case was commissioned from a Hong Kong client with the usual Champagne beige satin substituted by black/gold Enigma fantasia velvet. Between colors of silks, satins, velvet plush, Royale, leather, seude... you have almost limitless choices to have us build the case that best represents your uniqueness!

Custom lining

If you wish to own a truly exclusive Musafia, you can supply your own materials to make it absolutely unique. Velvet, satin, leather that you souce can be combined for special effect, such as in the Horacio Pagani Case here portrayed, which uses the very same leather from a $3 million Pagani Zonda hypercar.

Please contact us for more information pertaining to the characteristics that the materials must possess.

- Utility options -


Substitute the standard LieFlat™ expandable music pouch with the large-format Lievissima-style pouch instead. Measuring 48 x 26cm it will fit both orchestral scores or an iPad! Available only in black regardless of the color of the rest of the cover. 

Standard on Lievissima; optional on all other Musafia Cremona Italy rectangular and oblong models. Not available on dart-shape models. (photo for general reference only - depicted is an older file photo)

No added weight to most models.


Substitute the one-touch, full-length rainflap with a wider, full-length 5-button double-layer rain flap. Contoured to fit around the newly positioned carrying strap fixtures, relocated to offer better balance to the case. 

Available on all models except Lievissima.

Added weight is approximately 60g.

Flexible string tube

Wound gut strings (like Piastro Oliv, Eudoxa, etc.) are best stored straight to ensure optimal life and dynamics. The Musafia string tube, supplied by Pirastro, is made of soft, flexible plastic that can't harm the instrument if the instrument were to hit it.

Standard on all Musafia Cremona Italy cases except Lievissima.

Added weight is almost nothing.

Multi-use soft pocket

Neatly situated inside your music pouch, it is ideal for organizing your violin passport, airline tickets, smartphone, business cards, etc. Measures cm 30 x 20. Two can be fitted in an oblong or rectangular case, one in our dart-shaped models. Not available on Lievissima models or with MaxiPouch™ option.  

Added weight is approximately 30g.

Additional compartment

Some case models with the large open around the scroll can be equipped with an additional closed accessory compartment for small items such as mutes, rosin, etc. This option is typically ordered for our dart-shaped cases, and the Luxury Ultralight (pictured), although it is compatible with other models too.

More information regarding compatible models upon request. Not available on Lievissima models.

Added weight is approximately 70g.

Attached instrument blanket

Upon request, we can provide a Velcro attach-detach system to your case whereby your instrument blanket may be held in place when the case is opened, and removed only if necessary. That way the chances of it being lost are minimized!

No added weight.

Custom strap attachments

Musafia Cremona Italy's bespoke production allows custom placement of the strap attachments. For example, the backpack attachment may be placed higher or lower, or we can add additional ones for particular needs and requirements.

Added weight is minimal but may vary.

Hidden pocket for documents

This is basically a music pocket with a false bottom, and the zipper hidden away on the far side. Ideal for placing airline tickets, passports, checkbooks, etc. out of immediate sight if one opens the music pocket. etc. Measurements are the same as the case lid. 

Standard on Enigma*. Not available on Lievissima models or with MaxiPouch™ option.

Added weight is approximately 70g.

Interior + accessory compartment illumination

At the touch of a button, a series of low-drain, high output LED micro-beams illuminate the bows, the violin area from the lid, and in addition the inside of the accessory compartments. Useful in dark back stages.

Uses 4 AA alcaline or rechargeable batteries; battery life with alcaline cells is about 150 hours.  

Added weight is approximately 60g (plus batteries).

Accessory compartment illumination (only)

The accessory compartments can be illuminated at the touch of a button via a series of low-drain, high output LED micro-beams. Useful in dark back stages.

Uses 4 AA alcaline or rechargeable batteries; battery life with alcaline cells is about 200 hours.  

Added weight is approximately 60g (plus batteries).

Electronic A-440 Tuner

This is a nifty electronic tuner that provides an A-440 at the touch of a button. About the size of a cake of rosin and lighter than a tuning fork, it is fixed permanently to the case interior, or supplied detached for placement inside an accessory box. (Supplied fixed in place unless instructed otherwise)

Optional on all Musafia Cremona Italy cases.

Added weight is approximately 40g.

*optional on Enigma Leggero