How to order?

how to purchase or order a Musafia Cremona Italy case

Ordering through an authorized Musafia dealer

Musafia Cremona Italy cases are available from carefully selected violin shops world-wide ("Authorized Dealers"). These dealers have been chosen for competence and service. Those listed below as International Showrooms have Musafia cases on display and available for immediate sale. Below you will find a complete listing of Authorized Musafia Dealers.

Ordering directly from Musafia

If no dealers are convenient for you, or if you prefer a direct contact , we are happy to work directly with you for your next Musafia. We'll give you prompt, personalized service including delivery almost anywhere in the world. Easy payment by credit card or wire. Our workshop ships worldwide.

Custom and special cases

If you wish to order a custom or special Musafia case, with personalized design, materials, or features, please contact us directly.

Musafia showroom

Direct links to authorized Musafia dealers' websites

For your convenience, here is a quick alphabetical link list to Authorized Musafia Cremona Italy Dealers worldwide. This list includes only those Authorized Dealers with websites that have requested their posting on this page - it is NOT the complete list of Authorized Musafia dealers.

Purchasing a Musafia case from an Authorized Musafia dealer is your best guarantee for an original, new Musafia case with all the latest features and improvements in perfect condition at the best price. Authorized Musafia Dealers are in direct contact with Mr. Musafia and can provide up-to-date information and quality assistance. Please note that maintenance, repair, parts, and warranty services are guaranteed available only for those Musafia cases purchased from Authorized Musafia dealers or directly from us. We may not be able to provide these services for cases purchased elsewhere.

If you would like to know if a particular dealer who doesn’t appear on this page is an Authorized Musafia dealer, or have any other questions, please contact us and we will be happy to let you know.

Geigenbau Bartsch, EssenWolfgang Loeffler Geigenbau, MuenchenCornelius Schneider-Markels, HessdorfHaat Hedllef Uilderks, LuebeckMeistervioline, Waltrop
City Music(Exclusive importer - serves selected local retailers)
Carl Becker, Son & Co(Exclusive importer - serves selected local retailers)

(are you an Authorized Musafia dealer with a website and you don't see a link to your site here? Please let us know)

If we have no dealers convenient for you in your area, you are welcome to order your Musafia case directly from us. Being that Musafia Italia S.n.c. makes many shipments worldwide each day, we have the experience and the facilities to serve you to your satisfaction. Payments can be made by credt card or bank transfer. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed - if you're not satisfied with your purchase, you will be able to return it for a full refund minus shipping costs. (Some restrictions may apply for cases made to special order). For details of the sales conditions applied in the country in which you live, please contact us: Contact information.

Are you a violin maker or have a string shop? Would you like to become an Authorized Musafia dealer? Please fax us at (Italy) 0372-454089 on your letterhead and we will be happy to send you our advantageous sales conditions, and eventually add your name to the above link list if you have an Internet connection.