Luxury Ultralight

musafia cremona italy

In the year 2000, with the Luxury Ultralight Series 1, Dimitri Musafia began the quest for lighter-weight cases, in anticipation of the general trend, however also incorporating advanced safety characteristics and an unmistakable style. 

The development was relentless, with the case completely re-designed in 2004, 2005, and yet again in 2007, with no expense spared. This last version immediately was an unprecedented success, and remains today the best-selling Musafia case. 

There are three variations on the Luxury Ultralight theme. The original version is lined inside in paisley satin and coordinated velvet plush. The Athena version is offered in different Concepts, each being a design study of mixing colors and patterns of the interior lining for special, dramatic effect. The Alisea version instead is optimized for lightest weight and has a sumptuous interior entirely lined in precious SuperSilk™ velvet. 

Design and construction


Revolutionary and exclusive hybrid Kevlar® and wood laminate construction. Continuum High-Tensile™ wood laminate specially milled to 0.1mm tolerances in thickness, up to 6-ply. Inner layers checked for defects via transparency before use. Structure cold-bent to avoid possible warping; lightweight, highly resistant and repairable in case of damage. Internal partitions are load-bearing and structural to increase the overall strength. Monolithic impact absorbing structure created through the use of high-density (28 kg/m3) foam with surface reinforcement cemented to both sides and bottom. Though-bolted zinc-plated steel reinforcements on all viola cases for superior long-term durability. Reinforced hinge and back-pack attachment area. Case shell designed to withstand equalized pressure on the lid equivalent to the weight of an average person.


Made with military-specification Cordura® nylon, water-and-tear-resistant, and treated with Teflon® to reduce wear and scuffing. Long-lasting YKK zippers, 25mm zipper stitching support, synthetic thread, double-folded edging and upgraded through-bolted strap attachments (instead of sewn-on D-rings) to assure long life. Padding on underside reduces bumps to the instrument when the case is set down. Includes new expandable LieFlat™ music pocket, full-length rain flap and is replaceable.

Interior padding

5mm padding below and above instrument, 10 mm lateral padding, four-point instrument suspension. Blanket padded with 5mm foam.

Exclusive safety features

All Musafia case designs crash-tested to help determine best protection for important instruments. Four-point Offset Plane™ instrument suspension, patented SoftTouch™ spring-locking bow holders, fore-and-aft movement restraining system, double-action Sekur™ safety lock, multi-filament Dimus II™ humidifier and hygrometer, and case bottom external padding. SATRAVI® protection certified. Built to IP-64 water- and dust-proofing standard (EN 60529).

Other characteristics and features

Ribbon to retain photos in case lid without damage, long-lasting brass hinging on accessory box lids, padded blanket, soft and flexible string tube to avoid damage to the instrument in case of accident, double carrying straps for normal and backpack use, replaceable oversized leatherette handle to facilitate carrying the case with gloves in cold weather, replaceable Alcantara® covered metro handle.


  1. Continuum High Tensile™ hybrid Kevlar/ 6-ply laminate construction with monolithical impact absorbing structure.
  2. 4-point Offset Plane Suspension System™ for improved instrument protection in case of bumps and impact.
  3. EnCase™ construction feature with improved resistance to side impact.
  4. Anti-intrusion bottom panel enhances protection against blunt force.
  5. Replaceable Cordura® nylon waterproof cover with full-sized music (or iPad) pouch, padded on underside. YKK zippers. Teflon® treatment to reduce wear and scuffs. Two pencil/pen loops inside the music pouch. Now with LieFlat™ extra capacity music or iPad pocket and full-length rain flap.
  6. Interior fully-lined and padded with truly finest velvet plush.
  7. Patented SoftTouch™ elastic spring-loaded locking bow holders.
  8. Rosin dust-resistant bow ribbons with Stradivari "Sunrise" inlay motif.
  9. Padded blanket and flexible string tube.
  10. Photo retaining ribbons.
  11. Musafia hygrometer - humdifier system with highly effective Dimus II multi-filament humidifier.
  12. Four metal through-bolted carrying strap fixtures with shoulder strap and backpack capability.
  13. Two carrying straps for normal and backpack use. 
  14. Oversized, comfortable leather padded handle.
  15. Alcantara-covered subway handle.
  16. Sekur™ double-action safety lock.

Options and accessories available for Luxury Ultralight

  1. FindMe™ GPS tracker (4G).
  2. Humiditrak® Bluetooth thermo-hygrometer.
  3. Personalized brass engraved nameplate.
  4. Protecta System™.
  5. Additional frame reinforcement.
  6. Tropicalization™.
  7. PressurePorts™.
  8. Waterproofing. 
  9. Hidden pocket for documents.
  10. SuperSilk interior lining.
  11. Thermometer.
  12. Cherrywood burl trim.
  13. Leather instrument restraints.
  14. Bow tip cushions.
  15. Alcantara shell lining.
  16. Screw-attached electronic A-440 tuner.
  17. CaseCaddy™ music stand/umbrella pouch.
  18. Soft satin pillow blanket.
  19. Padded carrying strap.

Formats and versions

Download technical features here: U3012U3012LU3022


Luxury Ultralight interior

(Lined in truly finest velvet plush and satin)

Luxury Ultralight Alisea interior

(SuperSilk velvet)

Cover choices

Please note that while great care has been taken to portay the colors as accurately as possible, colors may appear differently on different computer screens, and tend to vary with each new supply. Case pictures are for color reference only. They may have options available at extra cost, or may not have all the latest characteristics and features.

Cordura Nylon

Steel grey/blue – Terra brown – Slate green – Black – Pacific blue – Sable

Glove-quality leather

Brown – Black – Blue

Special versions

Joshua Bell Case no. 3, 2018.

In October we delivered our third case to Mr. Bell, a further refinement of the original concept of a compact, lightweight Luxury Ultralight with additional storage space. This time we included more safety features including a GPS tracker/locator, de rigeur if you consider that the 1713 Stradivari Gibson ex-Huberman is kept inside.

Exercise of Style no. 75, 2014.

Mojave beige SuperSilk velvet and dark blue satin coordinate to provide an interesting chromatic re-interpretation of the best-selling Luxury Ultralight case.

Exercise of Style no. 61, 2012.

This case inaugurated a new direction in Mr. Musafia's artistic development of violin case design. With its seeming random zig-zags and angles, it set the pace for an entire series of custom cases, designed and personally built by Mr. Musafia. This case, featured in the February 2013 issue of The Strad magazine, is now in Germany.

Exercise of Style, 2012.

Mojave beige SuperSilk velvet and green satin coordinate to provide an interesting chromatic re-interpretation of the best-selling Luxury Ultralight case.

Joshua Bell Case, 2011.

Prestigious dealer Gradoux-Matt in New York commissioned this case for violinist Joshua Bell. It's a U3012 Luxury Ultralight with a total of three accessory compartments and custom lining as well. The interior space is used to maximum efficiency with this new design. 

Atelier Paganini Case, 2010.

The firm Atelier Paganini of Prague commissioned this U3012 Luxury Ultralight in nimbus grey silk velvet and burgundy satin for a special effect, probably unaware that grey and red are Cremona's official colors!

Exercise of style, 2008-2009.

The Luxury Ultralight with an additional accessory box makes use of angles and wedges to distract the eye from the the rectangular shape of the shell. The lining is done solid color in silk velvet with Enigma silk velvet velvet inserts.

Opus VIII, 2008.

The Opus series is a line of cases, each one completely different, which best represents Mr. Musafia's creativity. The interior of this case, based upon the Luxury Ultralight model in OpenSpace configuration with converging bow holders for additional safty, has an inlay personally hand-built by Mr. Musafia which represents the polar opposites of rain and shine. This case was featured on Italian national television RAI Channel 2 on April 11, 2008, and is now in the U.S.. 

Opus VI, 2007-8.

This case, made on the Luxury Ultralight OpenSpace pattern, has the open area with a "sun ray" inlay in the bottom panel, which aesthetically balances the offset accessory box side panel. The lining is in satin and cross-cut silk velvet, which appears black if viewed in one direction and burgundy when viewed in the other. Opus VI was made for an influential person in the music world that we prefer not to name in order to avoid possible controversy!

Martin J. Babica Case, 2007.

Never before has Mr. Musafia interacted so closely with a client to satisfy his requests. German violinist Mr. Babica had his idea for literally every single detail of his Dream Case, and sent sketches and designs to have them turn into reality. Set on a red-blue contrast, and a neutral black exterior, the interior is truly unique with a distinctive red "L" inlay that balances the aesthetics beautifully indeed. Since much of the artistry of this case was conceived by Mr. Babica, he has requested that this case remain unique and not be reproduced for others. It has been featured in The Strad magazine.

Giora Schmidt Case, 2007.

The distinguished violinist desired a compact, lightweight case that didn't compromise in any way. Mr. Musafia built this Luxury Ultralight with Royale lining and silk padding with two additional accessory boxes in which the partitions are angled to maximize the internal space and harmonize stylistically with the layout of the larger accessory box. Upon special request the instrument blanket was attached to the case via Velcro strips.

Sarah Chang Case, 2006.

The challenge was to build the lightest and most practical case possible for this world-famous soloist. Starting with the Luxury Ultralight model every trick in the book was used to eliminate extra weight, while adding a second accessory box and an area with a Velcro tie where to keep the shoulder rest. Cherrywood burl trim, suede-like frame covering, and photo retaining ribbons add a touch of elegance. 

Weights and dimensions

CodeFormatNameWeightShell dimension
U3012rectangularLuxury Ultralight2,5 kg. - 5.5 lbs.76 x 23.5 x 13cm
U3022rectangularLuxury Ultralight2,8 kg. - 6.2 lbs. 77 x 28.5 x 14cm

Maximum bow length accommodated in the ultra-compact Luxury Ultralight U3012 violin case is 75 cm, and 75.5 cm for the U3022 viola case.

Please note: some case manufacturers declare weights up to 20% less than the actual weight. Other manufacturers weigh their cases stripped of the music pocket, subway strap, rain flap, and even the latch! The weights of Musafia cases listed here are truthful and reflect their actual weight. Keep this into consideration when comparing cases!

Weights are approximate and may vary up to +/-5% from case to case. All options and accessories are excluded. Viola case weight and dimensions are quoted for standard size. Options add weight (see accessories page for more details).

All Musafia cases are 100% made in Cremona, Italy. Lifetime warranty, maintenance service and replacement parts always available.