Universal OverCoat

musafia cremona italy

People find that carbon-fiber and other plastic cases do not offer sufficient protection from heat and cold, and get scratched easily. Others buy cases with a luxurious leather cover, and want to protect it. Still others live in extreme climates and need additional thermal protection. Or they need complete waterproofing when they ride their bicycle or scooter in the rain with the case on their back.

Enter Universal OverCoat™, a semi-rigid cover into which you place the case and then close the zipper. Done!

OverCoat™ will fit practically ALL violin cases, not just Musafia, but also Gewa, BAM, GL, etc. It has a Cordura 500 exterior, two layers of thermal insulation which also protect against bumps, and inside is nicely finished in padded suede-like Royale. There are YKK® AcquaGuard® waterproof zippers, leather handles and fittings; also strap attachments for shoulder strap and backpack straps, reinforced by steel inside for durability.
Water resistance is rated IP-66.

The backpack system is ingenious: worn one way, it is optimized for walking; invert the case, it is optimized for riding a scooter or bicycle!

Inside, there is also room for music scores, small umbrellas or iPads, as well as things that won't fit in the violin case. Violin-shaped cases will of course fit in the cover with extra room. Lastly, elegant and well-finished as it is, it can be also used as a luxury duffel bag for travelling - without the violin case!