Exclusive maintenance and repair services

Musafia Cremona Italy

One of the satisfactions of purchasing a quality product is the satisfaction it can give you over the long term.

Did you know that it is close to impossible to obtain spare parts (like case covers or carrying straps) from the majority of the mass-market case factories? And almost no one offers a factory refurbishing service. This means that if you purchase just about any mass-market case and it breaks or wears out, you will have to buy a new one... and this may happen sooner than you would think!  

Not so with Musafia Cremona Italy cases. If you take good care of your Musafia, and have it serviced when necessary, it can last almost indefinitely, truly making your investment in a high-quality product a wise one. Not only are replacement parts always available, but Musafia cases have an always-available workshop maintenance service. 

That means that when the case starts to show wear, you don't need to buy a new one. You can send the case back to our Cremona workshop and the case will be taken apart, inspected, cleaned, small repairs will be made, and a new case cover installed. If well-cared for to begin with, the case will be restored to like-new condition, with many more years of enjoyment possible. 

Keeping your Musafia case in top condition with our maintenance services will assure the continued protection of your instrument and bows almost indefinitely, extends warranty coverage, and makes good economic sense too: maintenance costs are always recovered if the case is subsequently sold.

This 2000 Superleggero II had seen heavy use in the Netherlands and was literally falling apart (left - click on image to enlarge). The lining on the hard surfaces was worn out, the Velcro neck restraint had come apart, the straps that hold the lid up were torn, the bow ribbons were unglued, two bow holders were broken, and the shell was cracked after a bad fall. In the image to the right you can see the case fully restored, with retrofitted upgrades (such as the throught-bolted strap attachments, originally not present). The cost of the operation was less than half the price of a new replacement case of the equivalent model. 

Here is what we usually do during our standard case maintenance service

  1. complete disassembly and visual inspection.
  2. integrity checkover of case frame and interior, with small repairs where necessary.
  3. replacement of case cover in color of your choice, with all new hardware.
  4. thorough cleaning inside and out.

On older cases, we usually also provide a substitution of bow holders (when necessary to upgrade to spring-loaded safety type) and installation of the Sekur double-action safety lock if not installed. We are also able to alter viola cases if you have purchased a new viola and it won't fit in the old case. Even cases which have been heavily damaged can be restored. 

Upon request, we can also provide complimentary certification and evaluation of your case for insurance or other purposes.

In general, the total cost of this operation is a fraction of what the case will be worth once it's been refurbished.

Please read carefully:

  1. For questions or requests for maintenance service please contact us directly.
  2. Please do NOT send us cases for maintenance without our sending you appropriate instructions first.

Kindly note that our maintenance, repair, parts, and warranty services are guaranteed available only for those Musafia cases purchased from Authorized Musafia dealers. We may not be able to provide these services for cases purchased elsewhere. Offer valid for all Musafia Cremona Italy cases purchased from our authorized dealers since 1985.