Technical specifications and quality standards

musafia cremona italy


Revolutionary and exclusive hybrid Kevlar® and wood laminate construction. Continuum High-Tensile™ six-ply wood laminate specially milled to 0,1mm tolerances in thickness. Inner layers checked for defects via transparency before use. Structure is cold-bent to avoid possible warping and is lightweight, highly resistant, and repairable in case of damage. Since the introduction of this construction method in 1985 and continually refined since, many manufacturers now claim to use the 6-ply method Mr. Musafia originated. The internal partitions are load-bearing and structural to increase overall strength. A monolithic impact absorbing structure is created through the use of high-density foam cemented to sides and bottom, further strengthened by the EnCase™ side impact protection. Though-bolted zinc-plated steel reinforcements on Aeternum, Master Series, Enigma, and all viola and double cases for superior long-term durability. Reinforced hinge and back-pack attachment areas. The case shell is designed to withstand equalized pressure on the lid equivalent to the weight of an average person.

Kevlar® reinforcement for additional optimum and lightweight instrument protection.


Made with military-specification Cordura® nylon, water- and tear-resistant, and treated with Teflon® to reduce wear and scuffing. Long-lasting YKK zippers, new 25mm zipper stitching support, synthetic thread, double-folded edging and recently upgraded through-bolted strap attachments (instead of sewn-on D-rings) assure a long life. Padding on underside reduces bumps to the instrument when the case is set down. All models (except Lievissima) include the expandable LieFlat™ expandable music pocket, full length rain flap, and is replaceable.


Musafia Cremona Italy cases can be lined in soft, elegant, suede-like Royale; truly finest quality velvet plush; beautiful and long-lasting glove-quality Italian leather or suede; and silk satin. Customers can also supply their own materials (subject to approval). 5mm padding below and above instrument, 10mm lateral padding.


All Musafia case designs have been crash-tested to help determine best protection for important instruments. Four-point Offset Plane™ instrument suspension, patented SoftTouch™ spring-locking bow holders, fore-and-aft movement restraining system, double-action Sekur™ safety lock. SATRAVI® protection certified. Built to IP-64 water- and dust-proofing standard (EN 60529).


Ribbons to retain photos in case lid without damage, brass hinging on accessory box lids, padded blanket, flexible string tube, double carrying straps for normal and backpack use, replaceable oversized handle to facilitate carrying the case with gloves in cold weather, replaceable metro strap or handle. (Some of these features listed may be optional on certain case models)

Lifetime warranty, customer service hotline, maintenance and repair service and replacement parts always available.

In his continuous quest for perfection, Mr. Musafia reserves the right to change, modify, and improve any features and characteristics of these cases without prior notice.